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Ruszyła przedsprzedaż nowości z Zoharum:
RAPOON ‚Airstrikes’ CD
(dostępny również w wersji limitowanej 2CD oraz w drewnianym boxie)
RAPOON ‚Seeds in the Tide Volume 5’ 2CD
RAFAŁ KOŁACKI ‚Ā’zan. Hearing Ethiopia’ CD
23 THREADS ‚The Ornaments (The Ghost of Miranda)’ CD

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Krzysztof Penderecki - Kosmogonia CD
Svartsinn – Collected Obscurities CD
Vidna Obmana – The Face That Must Die CD
Thisquietarmy - Phantom Limbs/Luftpost CD
7JK 'Ride the Solar Tide' CD
VA - Visions of Darkness (In Iranian Contemporary Music) 2CD
Khost - Governance CD
Shift - Abandon CD
She Spread Sorrow - Mine LP
TenHornedBeast - Death Has No Companion CD
Andrew Chalk / Ralf Wehowsky / Eric Lanzillotta - Yang-Tul CD
Shibalba / Anima Nostra (Nordvargr) - Drakonian Adversary CD
Jarl - Vertigo Border CD
Jarl - Vertigo Rebirth CD
Von Thronstahl, Spreu & Weizen - Pan-European Christian Freedom
Reutoff - NullRauM 2CD
Allerseelen - Frühgeschichte III-Autdaruta CD
Allerseelen - Frühgeschichte II-Requiem CD
Allerseelen - Frühgeschichte I-Schwartzer Rab CD
Allerseelen - Terra Incognita CD
Allerseelen - Dunkelgraue Lieder CD
Art Abscon’s – The Separate Republic CD...

Nowości z Reverse Alignment:
MOLJEBKA PVLSE 'Discourse on Lightness' CD
SKY BURIAL 'Corranach' CD
Ajna & Dronny Darko 'Black Monolith' 2CD
Valanx 'Ouroboros' CD
MOLLUSK 'The Cloud Expedition' CDR

W naszej ofercie wiele nowości z Auf Abwegen, ZHELEZOBETON, Silentes, Aquarellists, Backwards, Bio Sonar, Muzyka Voln, Frozen Light oraz Winter-Light.

Wciąż polecamy nowości z Dark Vinyl dostępne w naszym sklepie, Phallus Dei, Blackhouse, Farvus, Ikon , Sieben.

Wciąż gorące premiery z Zoharum:
JARL "Negative Rotation/Intensive Fracture" 2CD
HYBRYDS ‚The Ritual of the Rave’ 2CD
MANINKARI ‚L’Océan Rêve Dans Sa Loisiveté’ CD
MOAN / GENETIC TRANSMISSION ‚Dedicated to Luigi Russolo’ CD

ECHOES OF YUL 'The Healing Sessions' CD
Polecamy nowości z Reverse Alignment:
MOLJEBKA PVLSE 'Discourse on Lightness' CD
SKY BURIAL 'Corranach' CD
Ajna & Dronny Darko 'Black Monolith' 2CD
Valanx 'Ouroboros' CD
MOLLUSK 'The Cloud Expedition' CDR

Dostępne również albumy:
NOWA ZIEMIA 'Sceneria' CDr
THAW 'St. Phenome Alley' CD

Krążki od prężnie działającego kolektywu Plaża Zachodnia:
MOTHERTAPE 'Problems with talking to Aliens' CDr
Ak Uki 'Ak Uki' CDr
RADAR 'Radar' CD Steczkowski / Mełech '2​+​7​=​nie wiem' CD

Nowości od Purple Soil:
Francisco López – Untitled (2012-2014) 2CD
Omenya'Ancient Rites' CD
Tore Honoré Bøe'Suave Siesta' CD

Nowości z Amek:
Mytrip - Filament LP
Mytrip - Filament MC
Climaxim & Ivan Shopov & Mytrip – Controlled Perception MC

W naszej ofercie nowości z The Infinite Fog, LUSTMORD, Coil / The New Blockaders / Vortex Campaign, ATARAXIA, MAEROR TRI, NEW RISEN THRONE i inni ‎

Polecamy nowości z Cold Spring, SUN-RA/MERZBOW, BURIAL HEX, TUNNELS OF AH, Sound of Progress COIL, CURRENT 93, FOETUS, TEST DEPT DVD....

Ukazała się 6 odsłona naszej cyfrowej kompilacji "Sensitive Data".
Oprócz utworów z albumów ukazujących się pod szyldem Zoharum w 2016 roku, znalazły się na niej rarytasy w wykonaniu zespołu RARA oraz Guntera Schlienza.
Kompilacja dostępna za darmo za pośrednictwem naszej platformy na

Nowości i powroty z Drone Records: Drone-Mind//Mind-Drone vol.5, KRENG i więcej.

Nowości z Zoharum:
GENETIC TRANSMISSION 'Genetic Transmission' CD
GENETIC TRANSMISSION 'Chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie' CD
MONOPIUM / K. 'Nightclubbing / Die Wölfe kommen züruck' CD

Na dostępna najnowsza płyta, publikowana przez Kosmodrone - MIRT "Random Soundtrack" CD/LP.

Nowości z Malignant Records: Yen Pox, Shibalba, Ionosphere, Of Earth and Sun, Climax Denial, Kristoffer Oustad i inne...

PSYCHIC TV 'Alienist', 'Snakes' na CD oraz wiele innych nowości z Old Europa Cafe dostępne na

Nowości z Old Captain, krążki MERZBOW, Smell & Quim, Kristian Olsson, INNANA, DIE WEISSE ROSE, AUTOPSIA i inne...

Wkrótce pojawią się w katalogu nowości z Final Muzik, Drone Records, EE Tapes, Cold Spring, Infinite Fog i innych... zaglądajcie na stronę każdego dnia....

Zoharum oficjalnym dystrybutorem płyty KONSTRUKTIVISTS "Anarchic Arcadia"

RAISON D’ETRE \'Tales from the Tabula Rasa (early works 1988-19

RAISON D’ETRE 'Tales from the Tabula Rasa (early works 1988-19


info prducenta:
1: This is not a new album!
2: This does not sound like raison d'être!
3: This is raison d'être from another time and world!

'Tales from the Tabula Rasa' presents raison d'être in its earliest form, when there was no past and only future. This was the birth of raison d'être and the creative music mind of Peter Andersson.
In one way it can be seen as the first particles to the seed that later became the established raison d'être sound in the 1990's. In the other way it can be seen as the evil twin seed that was left to die in an early stage, like if it was a stillborn or an infanticide. Nevertheless it is a period of time that can not completely be forgotten; a time when the first chapter of raison d'être was written. The music is heavily influenced by ancient myths, legends, religion, philosophy and history.
The output is referred to tales rather than songs. There is a story told in each and every sequence.
Most of the material is previously unreleased on CD but some are known from the collection album 'Reflections From the Time of Opening'. Almost all the tracks are taken from three unofficial cassette releases from 1991, the year when raison d'être was born. A small portion is even earlier,from a pre-raison d'être project called D:Combe, active between 1988-1990. All material has been reworked in 2014. To the large extent the tracks are still the same, only some very annoying sounds or parts have been removed, and some orchestral sound samples have been replaced with better and more expressive versions. Five tracks from the original cassettes were exluded on the CD-set since they were too irritating.
The exclusion made place for the D:Combe material which has been undergoing a more cosmetic treatment through a harmonized reverb becoming more hypnotic and dronelike. The fragments presented here are from the most experimental recordings, and the normal D:Combe sound was far from this, but still very primitive. Also changed is a pair of known track titles, they have returned to their original idea of spelling.
'Tales from the Tabula Rasa' contains 150 minutes of music and comes in a 6-panel Digipak enriched with photos by Roman Sirotin and painting by Jennifer Gordon and Roman Sirotin.
All music by Peter Andersson 1988-1991. Reworked 2014.